8000mAh Portable Car Air Compressor 12V 150PSI Electric Cordless Tire

$47.99 $64.99

8000mAh Portable Car Air Compressor 12V 150PSI Electric Cordless Tire

$47.99 $64.99
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●Wireless & Portable: The wireless design and compact mini size make the air compressor portable and easy to operate with one hand. The compressor is ready in only 4 steps. An LCD display indicates the air pressure.Suitable for inflating when the car tires are insufficient and Fully inflated the bicycle and motorcycle tires;

●Inflate Fast & Automatic: The electric air pump with 4 switchable pressure units (PSI, BAR, KPA, KG / CM²), so you can set the tire pressure as desired. The compressor automatically shuts off when the set tire pressure is reached. The maximum pressure is about 150 PSI

●High Capacity Rechargeable Battery: With 8000mAh Certified Lithium-Ion Battery, this portable Compressor is ready to inflate bike, ball etc. The USB charging port supports fast charging.

●Use at night: 2 built-in LED lights that can turn on automatically and the back display make Mini Compressor easy to use even at night.

●Multifunctional: This air compressor is supplied with 4 nozzle adapters. It is possible to inflate beside tires, also ball, air mattresses, toys.


Item Type: Car Air Pump
Material Type: ABS
Item Weight: 0.494 kg
Air hose length: about 15cm
Auto Air Compressor: Tire Inflator 12V
Special Feature: Digital Display Screen
Item Color: Black
Working temperature: 0°C~60°C
Wireless style battery capacity: 8000mAh

Multiple Use is designed for your life

-For car and RV tires
-For bike/motorcycle tires
-For sports equipment
-For inflatable toys

Package includes:

1 x Portable Air Compressor
1 x Instrunctions
1 x USB Charging Cable
4 x Connectors for different applications
1 x User Manual
1 x Storage bag

Automatic gas filling stop
Accurate Detection Predicted Tire Pressure
Permanent magnet motor / Quick Pump / Tire Pressure Monitoring / compact and portable

Comes with memory function
Pressure Measurement display accuracy ± 0.01Bar
Accurate pressure measurement, measurement and display accuracy ±0.01Bar, LED digital display screen, the status is clear at a glance,with memory function, set unit intelligent storage, the next boot still shows the last set unit.

Triple upgrade cooling is stronger
Temperature Control Chip Heat Dissipation Speed Improvement Inflatable without Ironing
First:Mesh heat dissipation,increase heat dissipation area
Secon:Built-in pump diameter to reduce heat generation
Third:spiral fan to accelerateflow and heat dissipation

Power Bank for Emergencies
Large Capacity Power Bank

Comes with LED lighting
There is no need to panic when driving at night. Mutable flashlight lights up the whole car.

The inflation is beyond your imagination
The air pump is enough to meet the needs of daily use.

Dual-screen digital display
Grasp the tire pressure status at any time
Real-time tire pressure monitoring
Preset tire pressure value

Permanent magnet motor
Strong Power Cylinder  Efficiency Multiplication

High precision induction chip
Test tire pressure zero error

A variety of accessories
1.Natural rubber inflatable pipe:Flexible and durable, easy to carry
2.Type-c Fast Charge Interface:Charge the air pump at any time
3:Replaceable independent air nozzle,Motorcycle, bicycle, ball needle

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